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This remarkable project unfolded on an expansive 18.7-acre site nestled in Altoona, Iowa. Our client envisioned an exquisite community featuring upscale duplex townhomes and single-family units along the western perimeters. However, achieving this vision required rezoning to a Planned Unit Development (PUD), a task that demanded strategic planning and collaboration.


This project faced opposition from the neighboring community, who staunchly believed the land should remain untouched pasture. Recognizing the importance of garnering support from both the city fathers and the neighbors, Abaci embarked on a journey to conceive and design a community that would address concerns and create a harmonious outcome for all parties involved. We engaged in meaningful discussions with the neighborhood residents and members of the Planning and Zoning board to fully understand their apprehensions and collaboratively seek a win-win solution. 


The success of this project was evident as it swiftly captured the attention of homebuyers. All 63 units, comprising nine single-family homes and 54 townhomes, were quickly snatched up. The community flourished, with homes appreciating in value over time, affirming the desirability and quality of the development.

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