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Carmel subdivision

This stunning 8.2-acre site offered a panoramic view of Walnut Creek, featuring the second oldest walnut tree in the state of Iowa and a perennial eagles’ nest. Nestled in the shade of this incomparably magnificent development are seven of Urbandale’s most stunning homes. Preserving and showcasing the natural beauty of this premiere location was of utmost importance.


Our meticulous planning included designing a system to redirect runoff from the rear yards of the lots to a stormwater management basin adjacent to the public street. This approach ensured effective water management while maintaining the landscape's integrity. Additionally, we employed detailed planning to protect and preserve the existing mature trees.


The result was truly extraordinary. The lots, averaging over $369,000 in price, were eagerly purchased by homeowners. With lot sizes ranging from two-thirds to 2.4 acres, these homes currently boast average assessments exceeding $1.8 million.

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